A note in passing: for those hunting cheap flights in Europe

by Diane Duane

Check out this website, which specializes in nothing but the low cost airlines:


If it can’t find a carrier for a route you’re interested in, it brings up a whole sheaf of other travel sites for you to search. Some of these I’d never even heard of (which is saying something).

There are also blogs associated with the site (the “wing blog” seems a little outdated, but the “wheel blog” and “bed blog” are more up to date). One interesting link that came up on the bed blog, btw: TabletHotels, “Hotels for Global Nomads”. I always like it when a site offers me hotels I’ve stayed at and loved (it just showed me, in one of the hotel images, the very table I sat at in the dining room when I was last there). Check out this one, for example, attached to a famously cool spa facility I’ve wanted to go to for a long time.

(sigh) No time right now for any kind of travel except the virtual. But it’s fun to be able to look at these things and think about when things get a little quieter, a couple of months down the line…

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