In the Ebook Dep't: "A Wind from the South" and strange sales behavior

by Diane Duane
Cover of Kindle version of A Wind from the South

So some of you may remember that a little while ago I moved A Wind from the South from its free-at-website-only status to wider availability at Amazon, this time actually charging money for it… i.e., a shattering USD $1.99. (Having first made sure everyone who might have wanted it free had had their chance.) This was in the nature of an experiment, to see how (or if) low ebook prices worked for me.

So the first paycheck in which AWFTS was included has come in, and it wasn’t bad. But the sales still weren’t exactly stellar. So I took the experiment in a slightly different direction: I raised the price to USD $4.99.*

And suddenly sales have jumped.

Could it be that, when you’re an author who’s been established in print for a while, that it’s not smart to price your book too low? Is it possible that people look at it and say, “Oh, this thing must be cheap because it’s no good”, and pass by on the other side? Or is this just some seasonal effect, or some other kind of coincidence?

It’ll be interesting to see how the next month or two of sales goes. (BTW, for those of you who might want it, the book remains available for a lower-than-Amazon price at the Ebooks Direct shop at I’m waiting to see if the dreaded Amazon PriceBot  notices the lower price and discounts the Amazon version of the book accordingly.)

*For international purchasers, VAT is added and the price goes up a little. It’s $5.86 when you’re buying it in Ireland, for example.

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