Today on NHK World: "Tambo: Life Inside a Rice Field"

by Diane Duane

For those of you who like a good focused nature documentary every now and then: this is super. NHK World has aired this once already today — it’s two hours long, split into one-hour pieces — and it’ll be airing again this afternoon. Definitely worth seeing, as there is some really beautiful microphotography and time-lapse film in it.

The documentary follows a rice crop in a small family field from planting through to harvest, and focuses on the ecosystem that supports the rice and coexists with it. For those of you in Ireland, the UK and Europe who have Sky satellite TV, the channel is 507. The first part of the docu airs at 13:10 UK time, and then (after a brief feature of animations submitted by viewers and a news bulletin) part 2 airs at 14:10. Here’s a link to the schedule page at NHK with a dropdown to convert the timing to that of your local time zone. iPad / iPod / iPhone users: apparently there’s even an NHK streaming video app here at the iTunes Store.

Looks like LiveStation has NHK World live streaming video, if you’re interested. There’s also a live streaming video box on NHK’s front page here.

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