Ebook file update on "Not On My Patch"

by Diane Duane
Cover for 'Not On My Patch'

This is just a quick note to those who’ve in the past purchased an ebook copy of the Young Wizards Hallowe’en novelette “Not On My Patch” , to let you know that we’ve just posted up new versions of all the ebook files.

While going through the ebook over the course of the weekend I caught some formatting problems, and so this morning made corrections to the original .doc file, jumped it through the usual conversion hoops, and re-uploaded it. The system is now in the process of notifying everybody that there’s a new version of the file available for download, and will be emailing all purchasers new download links.

This process normally takes a while — the system only mails a few people at a time to prevent itself being mistaken for a spam server — so if you’re a past purchaser and don’t immediately see a notification, please don’t be alarmed: it’ll be along in a while.

If you’re not a purchaser, maybe you’d like to be? “Not On My Patch” , a 14,000 word novelette,  was written in 2011 for UNICEF’s 60th-anniversary Hallowe’en pledge drive.  Last year we managed to raise more than $1100 for UNICEF through purchases. It’d be great to beat that number this year, when we’re once again offering it as a standalone, with half the proceeds from all sales going to UNICEF.

It’s selling for $3.99. The available formats are .ePub (for Nooks and iPads), .mobi (for Kindles), .lit (for those using Microsoft Reader), and (unusually for us, but because this is partly a charity offering) .PDF for adobe Reader and general screen reading.


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