Blocking China

by Diane Duane

It’s nothing personal, not at all. But since yesterday both Out of Ambit and the new WordPress writing-stuff blog at Eating Paper (which I haven’t even put up a link to as yet, must fix that…) have been getting a blizzard of incoming trackback spam from Chinese sources. (Indian too, but way fewer of those.) As a result, for the immediate future I’m blocking everything from the .cn and .tw top-level domains. (And also Guatemala. Seriously, why? Well, I don’t care.) Doubtless this too will pass. In the meantime it’s just an annoyance.

The only good thing about this has been that some of the earnest-sounding, I-want-you-to-approve-this-comment text that comes with these things is so hilarious. Get this:

I would like to comprehend when you write this article is what kind of mood, why would you write this article, also written so good, is that I can emulate.

Wow, by all means. Or:

I am fond of your article.Your article is like a big tree, so that we can be seated in your tree, feel yourself a real.

No, I’m flattered but I wouldn’t presume to attempt the latter: certainly only Benedict  Cumberbatch may properly inhabit that lofty eminence.

And then… this:

This article made me effulge.

(deep breath)


…Bye bye China… gonna miss you for a while…



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