CrossingsCon 2019: it’s this weekend, and I’ll be there!

by Diane Duane

It’s here at last! The weekend of  CrossingsCon 2019.  I’m so excited! (Or as excited as you can be while you’re packing.)

The pleasure’s compounded by the fact that this year the convention’s being held in a city I like very much indeed but haven’t spent nearly enough time in — Montreal, Canada. The dates are Friday, June 21 through Sunday, June 23, and the convention hotel’s the Doubletree Hilton; quite a nice place to stay.

Besides the fun of just being there, I look forward to a weekend of cool events and a lot of socializing with Young Wizards fandom — arguably one of the nicest fandoms in the world. (And it’s a near certainty that a certain amount of poutine will be ingested, not to mention the justly-famous smoked meat sandwiches of Schwartz’s Deli. Becausse WOW has it been too long.)

I am really looking forward to seeing everybody. Just a few days more now! … so, Allons-y, mes cousins!  See you all over the weekend.

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