Today's weird cat story

by Diane Duane

So as a way to keep this dry-ear problem of mine from recurring (the condition having been, apparently, what caused the ear infection of early January), the doctor told me to shove little soft cotton pledgets soaked with olive oil into my ears while showering. Fair enough.

Now, this requires keeping olive oil in the bathroom, which is slightly unusual around here. So Peter brought me up one of the little oil drizzlers and a small dish that paté originally came in. Before each shower, I pour a little olive oil in the dish, pull a cotton ball apart and make my little earplugs, soak them in oil and shove them in place.

Fine. So this morning I’m having my shower and thinking about other things — story stuff mostly: like Peter, I get some of my best ideas in the shower, which is why I like to go to Leukerbad when I’m outlining — they have these showers up at the Alpentherme that spit out about a liter a second of hot mineral water (you can see one in the picture on the Leukerbad homepage-link above) —

Sorry, that could have been a fairly long diversion. Anyway, so I turn off the shower and stand there for a moment, and suddenly become aware of a little sound that had been masked by the water noise. Sounds a little like something dripping, at first. Plip plip plip plip…

I open the shower door and look out. And what do I see but Pip, the youngest cat, standing up on his hind legs on the toilet seat, with his front paws braced against the top of the toilet tank…somewhat noisily drinking the olive oil that’s left in the little dish.

So the question of the day: How do you find out if your cat has Mediterranean roots??

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