Greetings to the Instapunditry

by Diane Duane

Wow, more than a thousand fifteen hundred of you have been in since Glenn put up that posting. Welcome!

For those of you curious about what’s going on around here at the moment: a precís —

  • First of all, the usual blogging. Tales of travel, cats, food, the home life of a writer married to another writer, etc etc. (BTW, Peter’s first four books are back in print in the USA from DAW, in two omnibus editions: see here and here.)
  • If you’re interested in the Young Wizards books: there’s a website here and a pretty lively discussion forum here. For those of you who haven’t heard of the series before, let me answer what might be your first question about it: the first novel came out in 1983. 😉 For the beginnings of an online wiki-format encyclopedia of the YW universe, see the Errantry Concordance.
  • Food is a continuing interest (as both Peter and I love to cook). Check out for links to recipes from the Continent. (Don’t miss the star of the collection, Peter’s mum’s soda bread recipe. Please note that the accompanying video tutorials are down at the moment while we edit them for posting to YouTube.)
  • The third book in the “Feline Wizardry” sequence is being published online (with paperback / hardcover publication to follow): see here for details. Due to a chaotic summer, I’m somewhat behind on the original schedule, but am in the process of getting caught up.
  • Got a new book out in paperback. Check the column to the left, which links to the description at, or have a look at the book’s own weblog (with reader comments) here. …This is the fantasy novel that sold twice and nevertheless didn’t get published, due to personnel changes at the first publisher, and the second publisher getting bought by a third one. “This novel rated PG-15 for mature themes, language (Romansch), and the reinvention of democracy….”

Other than that, I’m working on a couple of books and a couple of movie scripts at once, cleaning the house (friends are arriving tomorrow), doing some weeding, and baking apple tart again. (Scroll down a few entries, you’ll see the recipe.)

Now I want my tea.

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