Yay for online muesli!

by Diane Duane

Specifically, for online pick-your-own-ingredients-and-we’ll-ship-it-to-you muesli.

From this week muesli lovers in the UK will be able to order their very own custom made cereal choosing their ingredients online.

The German firm ‘Well’ launched www.mymuesli.com last year and it has proved successful in its homeland. Customers are able to use the website to dream up their personalised breakfast choosing from 70 organic ingredients.

Now the firm is to launch its enterprise in the UK.

According to the company, the concept is: “Ideal for gourmets, raisin haters, allergics, athletes and die-hard greenies.”

Customers pick and mix their own ingredients from the choice offered on the website. The price of one 575 gramme tube starts at £3.90, although the price can vary hugely depending on the rarity of the ingredients.

(Via Nothing To Do with Arbroath)

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