Two Wild Boar Recipes

by Diane Duane
A small sounder of Irish wild boar

I’m putting these here so I don’t lose them (again. EYEROLL). They come out of a collection of nearly a hundred thousand Meal-Master format recipes that I accumulated/accreted over a couple of decades, from multilingual sources. Most of them I’m sure have been ported over into Paprika, which I’m using now for mass recipe storage. But every now and then something turns up that I’ve forgotten about… like these, which were squirreled away in a file simply named “BOARS.TXT.” (Remember when a file name before-the-period couldn’t be more than eight characters long? Remember? …Ah me.)

…The first one is interesting, if of no use to me at the Middle Kingdoms-recipes end of things due to the presence of chocolate. (The Kingdoms’ continent doesn’t have the bean growing anywhere,  though it does exist elsewhere on their alternate Earth — thus making them of some interest to other non-Solar species, [as it has on other alternate Earths, such as ours…] once the word gets out. So it’s probably a good thing that the Kingdoms have a nascent space program*). One of Peter’s signature recipes, additionally, has an interesting take on pork and chocolate, so there’s a resonance to that. …But the second one is more to the point (in both that universe and this one), and has serious potential.

Anyway. The recipes: (which I’m not reformatting in any way: if by some wild chance you’re one of those stubborn people still using Meal-Master, you should be able to import these straight in.)

Wild Boar in Sweet and Sour Chocolate Sauce

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05

Title: Wild Boar in Sweet & Sour Chocolate Sauce
Categories: Meats
Yield: 1 Servings

5 lb Wild boar or 5 lb. beef pot
2 Carrots
2 Stalks celery
2 Onions
1 Bottle (25.4 oz.) aged
Chianti Classico
1/4 c Extra-virgin olive oil
1 tb Juniper berries
2 Bay leaves
1 ts Black pepper
1 c Raisins
1/2 c Sugar
4 Cloves garlic, coarsely
1/2 c Red wine vinegar
1/2 c Grated bitter chocolate
1 c Dried prunes
1 c Pine nuts
1 c Cream Sherry

Place meat in large baking dish. Coarsely chop 1 carrot, 1 stalk
celery, & 1 onion, & add to meat. Pour wine over meat & vegetables,
cover, & marinate 24 hours, turning occasionally. Drain meat,
reserving marinade. Pat meat dry with paper towels. Brown in olive
oil over high heat. Strain marinade, reserving wine & discarding
vegetables. Pour wine over meat. Chop remaining carrot, celery, &
onion & add to meat with juniper berries, 1 bay leaf, pepper, & salt
to taste. Cook over low heat 3 hours or until tender (1 1/2 to 2
hours for beef). Allow meat to cool in cooking liquid, skimming off
fat that forms on surface. Cut cooled meat into pieces, discarding
bone. Strain marinade & place liquid & meat back in pan. Soak raisins
in warm water until plumped. Drain. Caramelize sugar in pan with
garlic, remaining bay leaf, & 1 Tbls. water. Warm vinegar, then add
with chocolate to sauce & bring to boil. Boil 2 minutes. Add sauce to
mat with raisins, prunes, pine nuts, & cream Sherry. Cook 10 minutes.
Remove meat & keep warm. Continue cooking sauce until reduced to
desired thickness. Remove bay leaves. Slice meat & pour sauce over.
Note: Recipe may also be used for venison, rabbit, & aged beef.


Roast Wild Boar with Fig, Date and Walnut Stuffing

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05

Title: Roast Wild Boar with Fig Date & Walnut Stuffing
Categories: Game, Meats
Yield: 10 Servings

Stephen Ceideburg

2 c Fresh black figs
1 c Fresh date
1 c Coarsely chopped, lightly
-roasted walnuts

10 lb Boar hind**
1 tb Olive oil
Crushed thyme to taste
Salt to taste

2 c Port wine
1 c Zinfandel
1/2 c Sugar
1 c Chopped fresh or dried figs
1 tb Chopped shallots
2 c Demi-glace (reduced stock)
1 tb Unsalted butter
Salt to taste

Combine stuffing ingredients in a food processor and chop coarsely.
Set aside.

Remove the bone from the boar hind and meticulously clean tendons and
fat from inside the leg. Stuff with half the stuffing mixture and
neatly reform the leg to its original shape. Using butcher's twine,
truss the boar. Rub the surface of roast with a bit of olive oil;
season with thyme and salt. Place on a rack in a shallow roasting
pan. Roast in a 350 degree F. oven approx- imately I hour, or until
the internal temperature reaches 140 degree F.

Remove roast from oven and let rest 20 minutes before carving.

Sauce: Combine port, Zinfandel, sugar and figs in a heavy bottomed
saucepan. Cook over high heat until the mixture reaches the
consistency of a conserve. Puree in a blender, and strain through a
fine sieve. Set aside.

Combine shallots and a splash of port in a heavy-bottomed saucepan
and cook until almost dry. Add the fig-port syrup and demi-glace.
Cook until reduced by half. Season with salt and whisk in butter.

Carve roast and garnish each serving with a portion of the remaining
stuffing, a bit of sauce and, if desired, fresh black figs.

PER SERVING: 505 calories, 52 g protein, 34 g carbohydrate, 16 g fat
(4 g saturated), 173 mg cholesterol, 127 mg sodium, 4 g fiber.

From Rosemary Campiformio, St. Orres, Gualala

Heidi Haughy Cusik writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, 12/18/91.

Posted by Stephen Ceideburg


** That’s probably “hindquarter”, if we’re talking about ten pounds of meat.


…There’s also a recipe here that starts out as a marinade and winds up with cooking instructions as well. I include it here so I don’t have to worry about anything useful having been left in the legacy .txt file…

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05

Title: Wild Boar
Categories: Meats
Yield: 6 Servings

1 cn Condensed consomme'
2 c Cider vinegar
8 c Red wine
1 1/2 ts Ground black pepper
2 tb Salt
2 Bay leaves
1 ts Crumbled thyme
2 Garlic cloves; chopped
8 Juniper berries
1 Piece wild boar meat
(about 5 pounds)
6 Carrots
Scraped and quartered
2 lg Onions; quartered
4 Celery stalks
Cut into 2-inch lengths
1 cn Condensed beef broth
1/3 c Currant jelly
1/2 c Flour; mixed with
3/4 c Water

Combine consomme', vinegar, wine, pepper, salt, bay leaves, thyme,
garlic, and juniper berries in a glass or enamel bowl. Place boar
meat into marinade. Let marinate for 2 days at room temperature.
Place meat and marinade in a large kettle. Cover and simmer for 2 to
2-1/2 hours or until meat is almost tender. Add carrots, onions,
celery. Cover and simmer until vegetables are tender, about 20
minutes. Remove meat and vegetables and keep warm. Add beef broth,
currant jelly, and flour mixture to pan liquid. Stir until sauce
bubbles and thickens slightly. Let sauce cook at a boil until it
becomes the thickness of a good brown gravy. Pour hot gravy over
portions of sliced boar and vegetables. Serve with Chestnut Puree.


…So, en guete, y’all.

*…What do you mean, “what space program”? They have Dragons, don’t they?

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