David G. Arnold’s Lemon Drizzle Cake

by Diane Duane

Because when composers start talking about cooking, it’s smart to listen. 🙂

This bake unfolded on the Twitter thread here:


1/2 Equal weight of eggs butter sugar flour . Melt butter and sugar together , whisk in the beaten eggs , whisk in flour once eggs incorporated, pour into greased baking tin . Bake for around 40 minutes 180-200 degrees . Blend Juice of two lemons and icing sugar into a syrup.


When cake has cooled , use cocktail stick to make loads of deep perforations on top of cake , pour over thick lemon syrup so it soaks into the holes but also covers cake with thin layer . It’ll cool to a lemony sugary crust . Eat whole thing in one go

Right… starting in on this now. 3 large eggs for me = 200g; so, 200g each of flour, butter, sugar.

Eggs and sugar...…Ready for the oven. (The bottom of the springform has some baking parchment clamped into it to [I hope…] keep this pan from leaking…)

Ready for the oven...And there’s the cake. A little dark on the top and around the edges, but that’s just our oven (it runs hot, and any first bake is therefore experimental…). Don’t think I’m going to care after the icing hits it.


Now the icing. (For those interested: my baking only sporadically uses icing sugar, and if I buy it in, typically it turns into a brick in the box/bag before I get around to it. So instead I usually make my own in the coffee grinder. The grind is finer than storebought.)


Now the icing sugar

…So. I’m short of cocktail sticks, but I do have skewers.

I’ll be adding this in stages, as I want the cake to soften up and become more absorptive as I go along.
Add the syrup a bit at a time

Unfortunately I don’t have an image of the icing stage. Apologies. But: here’s the finished cake.

Oh, and here’s @DavidGArnold‘s lemon drizzle cake from yesterday. Extremely nice. Can see why someone might be tempted to eat it all at one go. 🙂
The finished cake
…I also made one in a loaf pan/tin: I need to find that pic. …Anyway, this is a fabulous recipe, and everybody should make it. Thank you, David!

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