"Is the squirrel relevant?" and other commercial issues

by Diane Duane

I was whinging about commercials that I hate, the other day. For fairness’s sake, here are a few that made me smile recently.

First: some pretty backgrounds in here, regardless of the numerous scientific impossibilities. Wondering whether they did that gibbous Earth with Terragen. Other questions: who moved the Moon so close to the Earth, how come the temperature in vacuum on the Moon is now high enough to keep beer liquid, etc etc. Oh, never mind. The CGI is fun.



In the Bright Splashy Colors department: this one from Jacob’s, a major biscuit / cookie maker in Ireland.



…And finally this one, one of a sequence of increasingly peculiar little ads from a major UK bank.



…Well, not really finally. Here’s one thing more: not a commercial, but it made me laugh until I wept. Secondary to the subject matter dealt with in the wonderful Cheap Flights song from Fascinating Aida, here comes that “Hitler: The Rise of Evil” footage again; and this time the F├╝hrer is upset about being booked on a certain annoying airline… Beware: this is not worksafe, due to much dropping of the F-bomb.




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