Today's cool thing: "A Wind from the South" coming to an audiobook near you!

by Diane Duane

I had an email from my NY agent about this late yesterday, and all the principals are agreed on the main details, so I don’t see any particular point in waiting for the paperwork before telling the world.

Apparently the good folks at Audible have been seeking out books to adapt to the audiobook format — whether they’re conventionally published or not. And they’re signing on to make an audiobook out of Raetian Tales 1: A Wind from the South. (With an option to also do the next volume in the series when written.)

This is super! I’m so buzzed.

For those of you who want to pick up a copy so you’ll be in a position to judge the results when the audiobook comes out, you can get the ebook from the Ebooks Direct store here (cheapest, no DRM, both ePub and Kindle / .mobi available); from Amazon (Kindle / .mobi only, a little more expensive but more convenient if you’ve already got your details stored there: btw, thanks for the nice reviews, folks…); or if you prefer, acquire a print “trade paperback” copy of the book from

Whee! Thanks, Audible!

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