Finally: all Young Wizards novels available in International Edition ebooks!

by Diane Duane

It’s taken a while, but it’s so super to be able to announce that at last readers outside the US and Canada can acquire all the Young Wizards books in ebook form.

Previously only North American readers had access to the whole series in e-format (and even that took a while, due to some hiccups at the publisher). But now all nine books will be universally available, and I can turn my attention to other things — like the upcoming publication of the New Millennium editions of the first four books.

(One note about the latter: due to production issues at both my end and the cover artist’s, the pub date for the New Millennium edition of So You Want to Be a Wizard has been kicked into mid-July. More about this in another posting.)

With all the books now in clean electronic editions, I can now also start the business of getting all of them set in type as  POD hard copy editions, for those international readers who prefer a paper book to the electronic sort. This process will take several more months to complete, at least, as there’s new book work going on around here alongside the business of improving the availability of the old.

But at least these guys are dealt with now and are available DRM-free in .ePub (Nook, iPad) and .mobi (Kindle) formats.  Enjoy, all! ETA: Apologies to all who tried to get in last night and couldn’t due to a brief flash of #neilwebfail after @neilhimself Tweeted the link to this page. Also: if you’re in the US or Canada and looking for ebook versions of the YW novels, try the Ebooks page at it has all the links you’ll need for access to the books via or


Cover thumbnail for Deep Wizardry High Wizardry Int'l Edition A Wizard Abroad Int'l Edition
Cover thumbnail for Wizard's Dilemma Intl Edition Cover thumbnail for A Wizard Alone Intl edition Cover thumbnail for Wizard's Holiday Intl edition Cover thumbnail for Wizards at War Cover thumbnail for A Wizard of Mars





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