In brightest day, in blackest night…

by Diane

ETA:  Now with a better image of Mogo!! … I originally posted this piece of writing some years back when there was a Green Lantern-drawing meme going around. But this weekend I had reason to think of it again, what with all the GL-oriented stuff going on.

Many, many moons ago I did some writing for Bob Greenberger when he was editing Tales of the Green Lantern Corps. I’ve always been very fond of the Corps, as might possibly be understandable for someone who came to comics more or less hot from E. E. “Doc” Smith’s “Lensman” novels. The fondness continues: certainly the Young Wizards owe something to them, and to the general Band-of-Brothers trope that underlies the Corps’ ethos.

Anyway, this (with a short preamble) is a copy of the comic script I wrote for Bob.

And here also is an image of Mogo, that member of the Corps best known for “not socializing”.  (See also here and here for additional info.) I’ve always really liked Mogo. There’s a wallpaper too: click here or on the image to download it from The dimensions are 1920×1200. (This is yet another piece of digital art produced using Terragen 2.0. The cloud cover isn’t perfect yet, but this doesn’t look too bad. Also: please note that the sun-on-ocean effect in the thumbnail image isn’t as pronounced in the wallpaper. I’m trying to work out why.)

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