2018 Hugo Award eligibility: for those who were asking

by Diane Duane
Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal

So nominations for the 2018 awards associated with the World Science Fiction Convention in San Jose, Worldcon 76, have opened up, and a lot of people have been posting and tweeting about what works they created in 2017 that are award-eligible this year.

I hadn’t bothered doing anything similar, since when the issue came up I couldn’t think offhand of anything I’d done last year that was eligible. Between injury (early in 2017) and illness (in the late summer and fall) I got a lot less done than was originally planned. Yet others have apparently been paying attention to this issue on my behalf. (For which I thank them!)

First of all: the 2017 e-publication* of Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal means that the Young Wizards series is once again eligible for Hugo consideration. In 2017 this would have been because of the 2016 publication of Games Wizards Play, which made the series eligible for the Best Series one-time “special” Hugo awarded by Worldcon 75 in Helsinki. That, however, was a different award from the new Best Series Hugo. (A distinction that apparently may make a difference for last year’s award finalists, if this year’s Hugo Administrator decides to rule out their nomination this year. But that’s hardly an issue for me.)

So — as confirmed here on the list of Best Series Hugo eligibles at File 770 — the Young Wizards series is eligible for nomination for the 2018 Best Series Hugo. Yay! …And if (as someone eligible to nominate) you feel inclined to nominate it, then I encourage you to do so.

Meanwhile, another question remains (it came up in a Twitter conversation with an old acquaintance last week, and as soon as I can find it again, I’ll link to it.) Is Interim Errantry: On Ordeal eligible this year for the not-yet-named Best Young Adult Novel (Not A Hugo) Award?

I have no idea, because despite an afternoon spent hunting (probably in the wrong places) I can’t find the rules. I’ll get back to everybody on this when I have a moment…

That said: on the off chance that the book is eligible for this (and because it’s definitely eligible for the other), if you’re interested in reading it as part of your pre-award consideration, then here’s a little help. If you go over to the Ebooks Direct store and put a copy of IE2: OO in your shopping basket (or use the widget at the bottom of this post) and enter the discount code FREEORDEAL on checkout, you can download the book gratis. The “how to purchase” walkthrough at the store will show you where to enter the code.

And I hope you enjoy the book!

*It’ll be out in paperback at Amazon during Spring 2018, if anybody was wondering.

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Frederick Ellrod February 13, 2018 - 2:38 am

Ms. Duane — Series nominated!

I believe the rules are in the Constitution, Article 3: http://www.wsfs.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/WSFS-Constitution-as-of-August-22-2017.pdf.

Rick Ellrod

THEKNIGHTACADEMICSMOTHER February 13, 2018 - 1:36 pm


I just started on a quest rereading everything in the YW ‘s Universe using the millennium editions as a starting point (I have to say I love both the original versions as well as the updated books). Working on How Lovely Are Thy Branches at the moment. Once I run out of all spin off stories about YW’s I’ll move on to read about our favorite Grand Central world gate crew. Because I love cats, I always hoped there would be more Aurelian wizard stories after The Big Meow (DD is in fact correct: all cats can become invisible – just pull out the carry crate used to transport to the vet or groomer – they sidel every time).

I love this series – I hope DD never gets o o. Hi. H tired writing about this universe.

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