More wet Irish winter: also, our cartoon cat

by Diane
Weather Map With No Snow On It.  (Courtesy of Digital Atmosphere)

An interesting article here on “The Disruptive Web”. Fascinating stuff…

Meanwhile, it still hasn’t snowed. Something threw off Met Eireann’s forecasts pretty conclusively, this week: I think it was that the weak high which had been sitting over Ireland, and was expected to be pushed aside by the fronts coming in from the west, got too high to be pushed. As a result, the band of rain which was supposed to run over us and turn to snow got broken in two and passed to the north and south of us. The south of England, the north of Scotland, and continental Europe got the heavy snowfalls we’d been expecting. All we got was a drop in temperatures, and some sleet….enough to make going difficult for the traffic trying to make it up the nearby hill, but hardly a blizzard.

…And now look at the map. (Courtesy of Digital Atmosphere.) Where this new high came from, I have no idea. Look at the wretched thing squatting there. And behind it there’s a warming trend coming in. More soggy Irish winter weather: damp, drippy, blehh. What joy.

I think I must not have had enough snowdays during my school years, or something. I feel so cheated, somehow…

Bubble gives off about something or other.

Meanwhile, look at this picture of Bubble: check out that expression. I swear, we’ve got a cartoon cat. …At the time, though, I think she was yelling for the Whiskas “Kitty Milk” that’s become so popular around here. I truly believe that there’s some substance which is the feline equivalent to crack cocaine or nicotine in terms of addictiveness, and they’re putting it in the Kitty Milk. Three out of four of the cats will do just about anything for it.






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