How I Missed the Conjunction of Tarva and Alambil

by Diane Duane

“At the dead of night, two noble planets, Tarva and Alambil, will pass within one degree of each other. Such a conjunction has not occurred for two hundred years.” (Dr. Cornelius in Prince Caspian)

Irish weather strikes again.

We had a tight conjunction of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter this morning. When I went to bed the weather was crisp, cold and perfectly clear. When I woke up pre-dawn, it was totally socked in and dumping down rain.

Oh well. If I watch my cholesterol, I might just make it to the next one in 2050. (Also, this morning was just the tightest conjunction: the three planets will still be fairly close tomorrow morning.)




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1 comment

Phil Boswell December 11, 2006 - 10:34 am

Curses and black pudding!

I’ve totally missed this: first off I wasn’t even notified until reaching work this morning, my personal laptop having committed seppuku AGAIN 🙁 and second the weather over here in Amersham is every bit as bad as yours sounds (sky? what sky?).

Thanks for the heads-up though, it’s good to know the universe is till working behind the grey curtains 😉

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