Some of you will know approximately where we live in Ireland, so I am sorry to tell you that this story is locally germane:

Post mortems due on County Wicklow bodies

They were our neighbors. Not the kind you’re close to, perhaps (though they were close to many others), but they were the kind you’d always wave “good morning” to as you walked or biked past their property.

And now, suddenly, gone: they and their son. This is too odd, for our part of the world.

Meanwhile, I am already tired of the local media presence. You really don’t want the satellite vans double-parked down the road from you, and the people banging on your door trying to manufacture a story out of nothing.

(sigh) And I think about the family’s defensive but not deadly sheepdog, which used to run out at me when I was walking and threaten me to Stay Away From the Gate. Who feeds him, now?…

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P J Evans July 18, 2007 - 3:26 pm

More ouch.

I hope life returns to normal, or at least better happenings, for you soon.

(If this were in the US, I’d say that the sentence about the guns meant that they’d been used. What it measn in Ireland, I don’t know.)

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