Watching the "Karadzic capture" press conference

by Diane Duane

This is fascinating stuff. Apparently Radovan Karadzic decided that to successfully elude capture, he needed to ditch his armed entourage. Having done so, he then disguised himself as a very full-bearded white-haired guy with glasses and settled down in Belgrade, renting a suburban flat under a false name, passing himself off as a practitioner of alternative medicine, even working with a local GP. He moved freely around Belgrade for no telling how long, and apparently even the people who rented the flat to him weren’t suspicious of him.

Apparently he was actually caught (while traveling on a bus) three days ago: the delay in revealing they had him may have been because the authorities were waiting for the results of DNA testing to make sure they actually had the right man.

(headshake) In the “disturbing concept” department: the disguise makes him look a little like Albus Dumbledore.


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