Up against the wall (or actually, on it)

by Diane Duane

This is such a cool thing.

Some months back I had a nice email from Melissa Elliott, who’s the Senior Librarian in charge of Young Adult Services at the Burbank Public Library in southern California. (You know, as in “Beautiful Downtown Burbank.”) She was asking whether they could use a quote from one of the Young Wizards books (from So You Want to Be a Wizard, in fact) to decorate one of the walls in their new teen section.

It was absolutely charming to be asked something like this, so naturally I gave my permission, and didn’t think much more about it. But this morning, I had another email from Melissa… with pictures.

It’s funny the impact it can suddenly make on you when something like this happens. You find yourself thinking, “Wait. Somebody took something I said and painted it on a wall? And not as graffiti? What planet is this?”

…Whatever: it’s a planet I like. I very much hope I have a chance to get out to LA some time in ’12, as I’d love to head over to Burbank and see it in person.


(ETA: I didn’t even realize we had these in the CafePress shop, so if anyone wants one, feel free…)

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