Marriage Equality in Ireland: Yes

by Diane Duane


“…What will you do next?”

“Besides being King? Well, there was something else…” He looked at [Prince] Herewiss. “Since we don’t have to be running all over the place any more, I thought we might get married.” (The Door into Sunset, 1992)

Today the land of poets and scholars, the country with more Nobel prize winners for literature to its credit than any other on the planet, goes to the polls to vote on the proposition that its Constitution be amended to grant equality in marriage for couples of the same sex.

Since in my fiction people of the same sex have been getting married since the early 90s, it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to guess which way I’m voting.

If you’re Irish, and you’re a registered voter: please get out there today and make your opinion known.


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Keitorin May 24, 2015 - 3:44 pm

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