Mist in Valles Marineris

by Diane Duane

Mist in Valles Marineris wallpaper

We’re starting to put together the book trailer for the paperback edition of A Wizard of Mars (which comes out in May) and I thought I might start putting up some of the prettier separate frames as downloadable wallpapers for anyone who might like them.

These are all generated using the wonderful Terragen terrain generation and modeling software, which has been used in some interesting places (the highest-profile at the moment probably being the wonderful volumetric-cloud work they did for TRON: LEGACY). The terrain data comes from Martian radar altimetry sent home to us by the Mars Global Surveyor.

This one shows some very atypical weather in the Valles Marineris region — secondary to some busted-loose wizardry monkeying with the surface conditions, as described in AWoM. The dimensions are 1920×1200. Just “>click here or on the image to go to the download site at Box.net.

More of these are available over at the Young Wizards website, at this link. (The biggest resolutions aren’t available at the moment, but will be during March. It takes a couple/few days to render some of the more complex files.)

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