Also, in the “Things You Couldn’t Make Up” Dep’t…

by Diane Duane
The PolentaMatic

We were in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland some years back when we wandered into a cooks’ supply shop. (Something neither of us can be prevented from doing wherever we are. The same goes for local groceries.) While there, we saw this thing sitting on the top shelf.

At the time I called it “a PolentaMatic” as a joke. It was a copper bowl with a dough-hook shaped copper stirrer, and an electric drive component like the top of a KitchenAid or Kenmore mixer.

Now, years and years later, lo and behold, what do I suddenly find at but…

The PolentaMatic. It apparently comes in three sizes, depending on how many servings you want to prepare at once.

But the implications are fascinating. They must really go through a lot of polenta in the Ticino (and also in Northern Italy) to support the sale of a special appliance for this kind of thing. In three sizes, yet…







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