Ebooks Direct news: multiple/bundled formats now available!

by Diane Duane

For those who might be interested: all the books at our Ebooks Direct store are now available in multiple-format bundles. We’re not charging extra for this, as I don’t see the point. (It’s not like we incur higher shipping costs for shoving an extra file into the download or anything….)

For most books in the store — i.e. the Young Wizards International Editions and Peter’s “Tales of Old Russia” series, among others — this means that you can download bundles containing both the .ePub and Kindle / .mobi formats, at no extra cost. For the “Door Into…” group and the Tale of the Five Omnibus, this means you get .ePub, .mobi and Microsoft Reader .lit (we’ll be rolling the .lit format out to all our other ebooks over the next month or so, and when we do, those too will be included in the bundles).

To celebrate this improvement, we’re offering a one-week discount on everything. Use the coupon code BUNDLE at the checkout and get 20% off your whole order. (Oh, and BTW, all the books and short fiction at the store are DRM-free. Just so you know…)

And thanks again to all our customers! You people rock.  🙂

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