Thinking about Long Island

by Diane Duane

Thinking about it quite hard. All of you who’re in the NY area at the moment… please be safe. Storms of this intensity that have hit the Island in the past have changed its terrain. (See this sequence of images for details and this description of the 1938 storm.)

Don’t play around with this one. If you’re on low ground, get out of harm’s way.

(And people further down the coast, don’t think I’m not thinking about you too. Do what you need to do to be safe from this. …But I could hardly be blamed for thinking first about the place where I grew up and lived through a couple of hurricanes of my own…. a place that, after all. is just a big heap of sand and rubble that a glacier dumped and then went off to do other things.)

(The storm track map above isn’t live: please click on it to go to the live one.) Or use this link.)

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