Today's Dr. Who moment: the perfect Whovian perfume

by Diane Duane

You could not make this up.

While looking for more info about Queen of Hungary Water, I stumbled across this at a Hungarian perfumer’s site:

Méchant Loup

…A characteristic and powerful woody, spicy fragrance with a surprising hazelnut heart. Licorice, anice, pepper, pimento, hazelnut, oakmoss, patchouli, honey, tonka bean, castoreum.

Sounds lovely. Especially when you consider that Méchant Loup can be translated as…


…It’s not exactly cheap: 27,000 forints comes to around €93.00. All the same, I wonder if they send out tester strips…

(BTW, they also offer a fragrance called “Midnight Oud.” Okay, it’s not spelled Ood, but still…)

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