Last chance for our present Peter Morwood titles at Ebooks Direct…

by Diane Duane
Cropped Tales of Old Russia cover

Today is your last chance to acquire one of our present line of DRM-free ebooks by Peter Morwood at the Ebooks Direct online bookstore.

Because of the terms of Peter’s new ebook contract with Venture Press, henceforth they will be the new exclusive digital purveyors of the Horse Lords and Clan Wars books, as well as the Tales of Old Russia series that includes Prince Ivan, Firebird, and The Golden Horde.

So if you’re interested in grabbing copies of Greylady or Widowmaker, or of the Tales of Old Russia Omnibus, this is your last chance… because the books will vanish from our store at midnight tonight.

(If you’ve already purchased these from us, don’t fret: if you need to re-download them you’ll still be able to do so on request. But as of midnight GMT there will be no new sales.)

(wipes away a tear, waves a hankie) Au revoir…

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