by Diane Duane

I’ve been getting this ready for paperback* for a couple/few months now, and the only thing holding back the release has been the lack of a decent new cover.

I think we’ve got that sorted now — at least until I get the urge to start tweaking it again — so there’s no point in delaying the ebook re-release any further. Here, therefore, is v2.00 of Raetian Tales: A Wind From The South.

There’ve been a few minor corrections in the text, but nothing serious. Most of the changes have been in the internal format — now done in Scrivener instead of (as in the previous 2011 release) in Sigil. The book looks better overall, I think.

If you’ve already purchased a copy, the Ebooks Direct store will be pushing out links to the new version for you over the course of the next few hours. I just thought I’d post a note about it here so that people who read the blog will know.

Additionally, new versions in other formats (especially for the various Kindles) will be available early (UK/Irish time) tomorrow: check the dropdown menu at the product page to see what’s available.

And as the nice men used to say, “Thank you for your continued support.”

(Also please note that we’re having a Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday sale at the Ebooks Direct store right now, in case you feel like picking something up at a bargain price…)

Meanwhile, here’s the full-size cover.

*Meaning a replacement for the old trade-size paperback that was on sale at for a while, and has been withdrawn.





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