Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Ebooks Direct

by Diane Duane

So it’s Thanksgiving, and I’m more busy concentrating on cooking, and on what I have to be thankful for, than I want to be on the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales period. So I’ve thrown the switch early, and everything in the Ebooks Direct store is now 60% off. This includes our most popular products, such as the Young Wizards New Millennium Edition 9-volume box sets. (At around $2 per book, not at all a bad deal.) As always, everything in our store is DRM-free and can be moved from device to device as you please: some items come with multi-format bundles usable across more than once kind of device. And as always, we’ll happily replace your downloads free of charge if you lose them due to device failure or change of platform.

But there’s more!* On Cyber Monday, the newest volume of interstitial Young Wizards writing — Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal — will appear at the store. IE2 contains some 90,000 words of new storytelling, for the first time sharing the details of how three of the Young Wizards universe’s favorite wizards came through their Ordeals to their power. (Presubscribers to the project: please note that the completed version will be pushed out to you automatically by the ebook store’s fulfillment system on Monday.)

But if you’re not a presubscriber and you want to pick up a copy of the new book at a bargain price right away, all you have to do is make a purchase at Ebooks Direct between today and Monday. In the email that brings you your download links, you’ll also find a special one-use-only discount code that will give you 30% off the purchase price of Interim Errantry 2. That book will not be available at a sale price for the foreseeable future to anyone but our Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend purchasers and members of the Ebooks Direct mailing list. (IE2 will be exclusively available from Ebooks Direct for the next 90 days and will therefore not be sold on any other online platform until late February of 2017.)

So scroll down and have a rummage through our inventory (please bear with it if it takes a moment to load), see if there’s something that interests you, and pick it up at a bargain price… along with savings on the new Interim Errantry 2!

*Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. — DD

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