ON ORDEAL 2: Mamvish fsh Wimsih

by Diane Duane

A wizard’s Ordeal is intensely personal, and sometimes intensely dangerous… or not. Each Ordeal is tailored to the wizard who may pass it — or fail to pass. Each one is in some ways diagnostic of the innermost nature of the wizard who embraces the challenge offered them by the Powers that Be.

This is the Ordeal of Mamvish fsh Wimsih, newborn child of a saurian species trapped by its own Choice on a world that the Lone Power has cruelly punished for rejecting it.

Vish may just be a hatchling, but she knows that the world is badly broken, and needs to be put right. To make this happen she begins a quest that will crisscross her huge, bleak planet and finally bring her face to face with the powers that rule her world. And as for the Power she will not meet... the tale of how that happened (or did not) is here revealed.

On Ordeal: Mamvish fsh Wimsih is a 30,000-word canonical work in the Young Wizards universe. It is one of a triptych of Ordeal tales to be completed in October of 2016, the first of these being On Ordeal: Roshaun ke Neliv.

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Caution: contains culturally consensual* cannibalism.

Next up: the Ordeal of Ronan Nolan Jr.





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