On this afternoon's menu: Foil-roasted BBQ Rainbow Trout

by Diane Duane

(When I did my internet order last night, I thought I ordered two rainbow trout from the folks at Tesco; however, they sent me two kilograms of them. Probably my mistake. So six of them go in the freezer, and the last one gets held out to go on the BBQ. Goodman and Pip get the head and the tail respectively, and go into cat ecstasies. They’d better get maximum mileage out of them, because they will not be getting any of the swordfish that’s going to be the second course.)Trout being prepared for marination

The trout first gets put down in a dish for a pre-marinate in lemon-scented olive oil. Fresh rosemary is is procured from the side garden, and a bunch of fresh oregano from the pot out front. An onion is sliced up very thin. The herbs and the onion are put down in some extra-virgin Greek olive oil to get friendly.

When the fire’s lit, a lemon will get sliced up very thin. Some more oregano, some of the onion, and a single bay leaf from the topiary bay out front will be tucked into the trout’s body cavity. A triple layer of foil will be prepared and well greased up with the lemon-infused olive oil. Then the trout will go on there and be tiled with lemon slices, a la fish scales, and packed around with the herbs. A grind of black pepper and a smashed-up pink peppercorn or so, a grind of chili flakes: that should do it. The whole business then gets enveloped-up in the foil and goes on top of the grill for probably about fifteen minutes per side. I’ll add a picture later.

Oooh yum.

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