I whooped at 1:30

by Diane Duane

Paul Dini will know why.


Green Lantern is one of the comics I’ve loved best all my life. During my childhood it became a “foundation myth”, a storyline that matters profoundly to me, so that it underlies a lot of my fiction, sometimes covertly and sometimes a lot less so —


…Helena stopped on the stairs, looked up at the glowing object that Kit was carefully unwinding from the hook where it had been hanging.

“What’s that? Oh, don’t tell me!” Helena said, sounding genuinely impressed. “Wonder Woman’s magic lasso? Is that real, too?” And then she paused. “I thought it was supposed to be gold.”

Not for the first time when dealing with his sister, Kit was left briefly speechless.

Helena got a musing look. “And if that can be true, maybe other stuff from the comics could be real, too? Like — I can’t remember: what are those guys called who have the green glowy rings? Like them. Wouldn’t it be great if there was this interplanetary brotherhood with all kinds of creatures, you know, banding together and using their powers to fight evil…”

…So I have been concerned about this film since it was originally mooted. Nobody likes having their foundation myths screwed up….


I’m becoming somewhat less concerned. Can’t wait for next Friday…

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