If You Knew Fiuggi (or: Deepcon XIII, March 2012)

by Diane Duane

It’s a pleasure to confirm that we’ll be attending Deepcon XIII in beautiful Fiuggi, Italy, next year. (I see that the news is already out here.)

Dates haven’t yet been finalized, but the convention organizers advise us that the convention will be happening in the second half of March 2012.

And we would not miss it for anything. The unmatchable hospitality of the organizers, the other guests, and the attendees, makes it a gotta-be-there event: intimate and comfortable. And, OMG, the FOOD! Fabulous. It’s such a pleasure to start with to have the chance to sit down twice a day and eat with your fellow con-goers — food at conventions usually being such a hit-and-miss thing. But when the bill of fare includes such  superb regional (Lazian) food … well! (Also: any place with a breakfast buffet that includes chocolate cake is okay by me.)

And the hill-town ambience of Fiuggi can’t be beat. (Neither can the hotel’s downstairs spa: Fiuggi is a spa town of considerable vintage.) …Anyway: we had an absolute blast as guests in 2010, and can’t wait to get back there!

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