EbooksDirect customers: new edition of "The Door Into Fire" downloadable

by Diane Duane

(Edited to add: The files for The Door into Shadow and The Door Into Sunset at the store have also now been updated and notifications sent out).

The three “Door Into…” ebooks are among the oldest ones in the store, and we’ve started reformatting them to bring them into line with the newer ebooks (re: tables of contents, chapter breaks, other formatting issues). The Door Into Fire was just dealt with yesterday, and this morning our web lady told the software to alert those who’d purchased it that there was a new version available. The software sent out only two mails, which I don’t think can be right.

So for those of you who’ve bought a copy of Fire from the new ebook store at http://ebooksdirect.dianeduane.com, please use the download link from your post-purchase email to pull yourself down a new copy.

For those of you who bought your copies from the old bookstore (I’m not going to give the URL here as I don’t want the search engines picking it up any more): I’ve asked the Web Lady to add the new files to it as well so you also can use your download links to pull down new copies. It may take a day or so to handle this: We’re still working on this. I’ll let everybody know when the new downloads are ready. (On the other hand, maybe it makes more sense to wait until all three books have been reformatted before doing this. In any case, will advise. Watch this space.)



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